How Lamar Odom Is Teaching His Kids to Learn From His Mistakes

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Another dream that is changing into a truth? LamarĀ shall be cheering on Destiny as she makes her modeling debutĀ Sept. 24 on theĀ Couture Fighting Cancer’s 2d Annual Fashion Show at MainRo in Los Angeles, which is being introduced through Winnie Stackz and Hair Queen LA.

And Destiny’s runway debut could not be extra becoming.

“Fashion’s always been an innate sense, so connecting with this show made sense,” she stated. “I have connections to cancer, my grandmother passed from it, my dad’s mother and my uncle got it.”

To get ready for the development, Destiny is hanging her best possible face ahead, gettingĀ an AquaGold facial (along with her father, after all) fromĀ Dr.Ā David Sadaat, andĀ aĀ lash carry and forehead laminate throughĀ Emily Phelps.

And whilst Destiny is encouraged through twiglet legends likeĀ Naomi CampbellĀ andĀ Iman, she’s able to smash some glass ceilings of her personal: “I’m trying to build my own path and don’t want to be boxed in.”

Having Lamar through her aspect all through this crucial occupation milestoneĀ makes it all of the extra particular, as she put it, “I’m having fun spending time with my dad.”

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