How Princess Charlotte Helped Prince George Follow Funeral Protocol

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Princess Charlotte has Prince George‘s back.

While attending Queen Elizabeth II‘s funeral on Sept. 19, Prince WilliamĀ and Kate Middleton‘s oldest children waited for Her Majesty’s coffinĀ to travel past them at Wellington Arch in London.

At one point in the waiting period, Charlotte, 7, appeared to remind her 9-year-oldĀ brother what to do when the coffin passed by.

In a short video, CharlotteĀ told her older brother, “You need to bow.” As she delivered the friendly reminder, theĀ second in line for the throneĀ listened intently.

When the Queen’s coffin passed by the royal family, George followed royal protocolā€”and his sister’s adviceā€”by bowing right on time.

DuringĀ the Queen’s state funeral at Westminster Abbey, William and Kate’s youngest child, Prince Louis, 4, remained at home.Ā In addition to Louis likely not attendingĀ because of his young age,Ā Kate revealed just a few days before the service that Louis hadĀ trouble understanding the significance of his great-grandmother’sĀ death.

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