JoJo Siwa Gets Her Hair Chopped Off by Girlfriend Avery Cyrus

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JoJo Siwa goes again toĀ short hair like a boomerang.Ā 

On Sept. 22, the Siwas Dance Pop RevolutionĀ superstar printed that she’s minimize her lengthy blonde locks as soon as once moreā€”this time with assist from her female friend,Ā Avery Cyrus. In a video posted to TikTok, the 19-year-old sat within her walk-in closet as Avery, 22, startedĀ snippingĀ off “big chunks” her tresses with a couple of scissors.

“I was very scared every single time, but you know what? It’s eventually gotta get there,” JoJo quipped. “We just kept going.”

While her haircut used to be taking a look a “little janky” to start with, the Dance Moms alum mentioned Avery used to be in a position to even it out and “in the end, it turned out amazing.”

The effects? A sublime pixie minimize very similar to the only she rocked this spring. According to JoJo, all the procedure took 3 hours.

“I wasn’t sure how it was gonna turn outā€¦ BUT IM SO HAPPY AVERY CRUSHED ITTTTTT,” she captioned the montage of her hair transformation. The “Boomerang” singer added in another post, “HAPPY GIRL BACK WITH SHORTIE HAIRRRRR!!!!!”

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