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Row, row, row your … Peloton? The standard at-home exercise that has turn out to be synonymous with biking is now venturing into new territory with Peloton Row, its newest providing that’s to be had for preorder now.

While it’ll seem as regardless that rowing only objectives your hands, it in truth makes use of 86% of your muscle tissues, together with your legs, abs, hands, and again. Whereas biking and working are basically aerobic workout routines, rowing combines the most productive of minimal impact aerobic and energy to ship an effective full-body exercise.

Harvard Health discovered {that a} 185-pound individual can burn 294 energy in a reasonable 30-minute rowing exercise. But despite the fact that you’re brief on time, a 15-minute rowing exercise can reap a couple of rewards as low-volume high-intensity period coaching (HIIT) workout routines can support “cardiorespiratory fitness, glucose control, blood pressure, and cardiac function,” in accordance to a recent study.

But which rower is correct for you? Here’s a have a look at how the Peloton Row compares to the main at-home row emblem, Hydrow, which incorporates the unique Hydrow Rower and Hydrow Wave.


It’s protected to say both possibility goes to require an funding for your phase, however how a lot precisely depends upon the logo. For probably the most economical rower, imagine the Hydrow Wave, which begins at $1,495. It’s a smaller and lighter rower when compared to Hydrow’s unique rower, and it’s $1,000 less expensive, too. 

The new Peloton Row, however, is the most costly device beginning at $3,195 and there aren’t any financing choices to be had at the present time. Hydrow, alternatively, gives bills beginning at $32 per 30 days for the Hydrow Wave and $38 per 30 days for the unique Hydrow via Klarna. 

Each device comes with a 12-month guaranty and 30-day domestic trial during which the rower can also be returned for a complete refund and loose pickup.


The Peloton Row is estimated to send in early December, whilst the Hydrow ships inside of two to 3 weeks. The Hydrow Wave is to be had inside of two to 3 days. 


At 102 kilos, 80 inches lengthy, 19 inches huge and 43 inches excessive, the Hydrow Wave is the lightest possibility with the smallest footprint. The Peloton Row is the heaviest and the longest, coming in at 156.6 kilos and measures 94 inches lengthy and 24 inches huge.

Vertical Storage

All of the machines are ready to be saved upright. For the Peloton Row, you’ll need about 8 ft of ceiling top; 7 ft and 1 inch for the Hydrow; and six ft and 9 inches for the Hydrow Row.

The Peloton Row calls for an Upright Wall Anchor for vertical stowing and, whilst the associated fee is integrated in the cost of the device, setup and set up isn’t; regardless that skilled set up is beneficial. Meanwhile, the Hydrow Upright Storage Kit is to be had for $80 and the Hydrow Wave Vertical Anchor is $190. 


Both manufacturers require an extra All-Access Membership on height of the price of the device. Peloton’s is $44 a month and contains biking, working, yoga, meditation, barre, Pilates, strolling categories in conjunction with the rowing exercises. Hydrow’s club is $38 per 30 days and contains Pilates, yoga, energy and mobility exercises as well as to the rowing exercises.

Class Experience

The maximum notable distinction between the 2 manufacturers is that Peloton’s rowing categories happen in a studio whilst Hydrow’s are filmed at the water, thank you to their patented Live Outdoor Reality™ era, offering a extra unique rowing enjoy.

Peloton gives two notable options: Form Assist, which makes use of sensors within the seat and handlebars be offering real-time steering for correcting your shape and getting probably the most from your exercise; and Form Rating and Insight, which provides you a score after each and every magnificence that displays how shut you got here to having an ideal stroke.

For further make stronger on Hydrow, non-public training is to be had for 30-minute increments ($79 for a unmarried consultation and $199 for a three-session pack).

So which one is correct for you? It depends upon your priorities. If you’re in search of a rowing-first enjoy that absolute best replicates the water-based exercise, then Hydrow is the frontrunner. However, if you’re already a part of the Peloton neighborhood, you’ll to find the seamless transition between merchandise and the number of categories profitable. If area and prices are of shock, then the Hydrow Wave Rower is the best choice. Either manner, you’re certain to get a top-rated, minimal impact heart-healthy exercise in quarter-hour.

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