The next James Bond actor should be willing to commit 10 to 12 years of their life to the franchise, producer says

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Daniel Craig as James Bond in “No Time to Die”MGM

  • James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli says that the next actor should be in a position for a 10-to-12-year dedication.

  • “It’s not just showing up for a couple of months of filming,” she advised Variety.

  • Daniel Craig retired from the function after 15 years and 5 films with final yr’s “No Time to Die.”

The next James Bond should be willing to commit no less than a decade of their life to the function, in accordance to one of the franchise’s manufacturers.

“The thing is, it’s going to be a couple of years off,” producer Barbara Broccoli not too long ago advised Variety of the next film. “And when we cast Bond, it’s a 10-, 12-year commitment … Not everybody wants to do that. It was hard enough getting [Daniel Craig to do it].”

Craig retired from the function after 15 years with final yr’s “No Time to Die,” his 5th film as Bond. It used to be one of the few pandemic-era hits at the field place of work, grossing $774 million international.

“A lot of people think, ‘Oh yeah, it’d be fun to do one,'” Broccoli mentioned. “Well. That ain’t gonna work.”

“It’s a big commitment,” she added, “It’s not just showing up for a couple of months of filming.”

Broccoli and her fellow Bond producer Michael G. Wilson were mum on who will apply in Craig’s footsteps. But they hinted that the evolution of the franchise all through the Craig period will proceed, reminiscent of creating his personality past being a womanizing secret agent.

“Bond is evolving just as men are evolving,” Broccoli mentioned. “I don’t know who’s evolving at a faster pace.”

Broccoli prior to now dominated out a feminine Bond, however is open to a non-white actor in the function.

“I think it will be a man because I don’t think a woman should play James Bond,” she advised The Hollywood Reporter final yr. “I believe in making characters for women and not just having women play men’s roles. I don’t think there are enough great roles for women, and it’s very important to me that we make movies for women about women. He should be British, so British can be any [ethnicity or race].”

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