Why Sandra Oh Was in Attendance at Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

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Sandra Oh paid respects to Queen Elizabeth II at her state funeral.

Viewers tuning into the late monarch’s televised service on Sept. 19 were likely surprised to see the Grey’s Anatomy alum among the 2,000 mourners at Westminster Abbey alongside foreign leaders and members of the royal family. However, Oh was at the service in an official capacity as a member ofĀ the Canadian delegation.

The Killing EveĀ alum, who was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Canada in June, walked alongsideĀ performing artist Gregory Charles and Olympic gold medal-winning swimmer Mark Tewksbury. For the occasion, Oh, 51, donned a black dress, a black hat, and a badge representing Canada. The trio were joined by prime minister Justin Trudeau, who was one of several heads of state in attendance.

The Governor General of Canada’s website, noted that the honor was bestowed upon the actress “for her artistic career filled with memorable stage, television and film roles in Canada and abroad.”

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